Sunday, June 13, 2010

Of FMLs and GMHs

Hello world!

Many of you may be familiar with the website It's full of the sad, angry, very unfortunate chronicles of everyday life. I read it and I laugh at people's misfortune. Then I feel bad and sympathise. Then I laugh again. If you've never read it, go. By all means, click on the link.

Yes I know I'm such a horrible person. =P

You can so tell this guy just posted on FML.

Makes you wonder though: How many FML things happen everyday? The website is swamped with tales of not earning enough, bad hygiene, finding out your best friend is pregnant with your boyfriend's kid, finding out your sister is pregnant with your boyfriend's kid, your parents having discussions about YOU on Facebook, etc.

I swear, it makes my jiggly thighs look really appealing.

Then there's Which is the exact, non bi-polar version of FML. It's so...sweet. So...'awwwww'. It's full of happiness that will stretch your cheeks so much they'll push into your eyes and hurt you.

Sometimes I wish I felt more like this.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't like happy websites. In fact, I go to them secretly while pretending to the outside world that I'm an unemotional cynical blogger who doesn't care. And then I cry into my pillows at night because I feel for some random person who's had a bit of misfortune but then somethng nice happened to them.

I think I've gone through 3 soggy pillowcases already.

Then it makes me wonder, do those nice things actually happen? I haven't seen much lately. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. I mean,

Reading the BBC. Oil Spill. Wildlife dead. North Korea and South Korea dispute over a ship. South Korea's rocket failed to launch.

Reading the tabloids: OMG this celebrity is gay! (Or maybe not really, but we don't care do we?) OMG we saw this celebrity pumping petrol! OMG these two random people are dating because they walk next to each other!

I so totally swear these two are dating.

So guys, do you like FML-ing or are you one of those serene GMH-ers? Or are you like me, trying to be funny because you sadly cannot decide on which side you're on? Cbox me, people. Cbox me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some people to laugh at and some pillowcases to replace.

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