Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brow Wow

I was catching up on Heroes the other day (Yes I like to watch my TV shows 3 months later) and I noticed something.

And that something was eyebrows. Specifically, Gretchen's, Claire's and Sylar's eyebrows.

I think that eyebrows don't receive enough attention. They are underrated. And yet eyebrows are fabulous! Here I will explain.

1) Gretchen Berg (played by Madeline Zima)

There's something about Gretchen's character which I like. Can't place my finger on it exactly, but I know those eyebrows must have played a part. I read somewhere that women's eyebrows are sparser than men's so that's why most celebs fill them up.

But I think her eyebrows look pretty natural. Most fill-up ones don't look that thick.

I was brought up around thin eyebrowed-women. Heck, my grandma totally shaved hers off and got blue tattooed ones instead. So to see Madeline Zima's refreshingly and relatively thicker ones is actually very heartening.

2) Claire Bennet (played by Hayden Panettiere)

I'm not actually a big fan of Claire in the series. But she does happen to be cute. Not to mention that I've started admiring those brows everytime she comes on screen

I mean, they're so...triangular. I've tried consoling myself that mine look triangular too, but when I look at my own, I think: triangular balding caterpillars.

Eyebrows can be a real blow to your self-esteem sometimes.

3) Sylar (played by Zachary Quinto)

Now this man has the grandfather of all eyebrows. They're so famous, they've been dubbed Sylarbrows. These eyebrows have been saluted. They have been the subject of lovely poems (ok, maybe I'm lying, but it COULD happen). They have been the cause of my lost productivity (I'm supposed to be sweating over a Chem textbook now). They have been the other cause of my low eyebrow self-esteem.

And when Sylar raises one eyebrow before he kills someone, I find myself upright in my seat, staring at those brows. How does he do it? I wonder, cursing my facial muscles for being so flabby.

I should be pitying the victims, they way they are being carved like Halloween pumpkins. But no. I'm wondering instead how one man can have so much brow.

See. I'm right. Sylar's evilness comes from his eyebrows. I'm more heartless already.

To see how hypnotic his eyebrows are, check out this blog post!

In this world where humans are obsessed with tweezing, waxing, and shaving our ancestral biological hairs off, take some time to appreciate your eyebrows.

Now I'm off to flex those balding triangular caterpillars of mine. So long!

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