Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Need To Up My Street Cred


I was noticing myself one day, and I decided that I'm socially unconventional. Why?

1) I like Star Trek and Physics. Nerd alienation much?
2) I'm not a sing-and-dance person. If I sing, it sounds like bullfrogs. If I dance, a llama frolicking in water could do better.
Haha I beat Youlin's ass at dancing!

3) I don't do sports. Much. Does rolling around on the bed count? Ok, so maybe I can swim and play badminton. But a llama would still probably top me.

So anyway, my sister has done IT. She joined CHEERLEADING. Yeah, she told me "I can't dance". Yet now she is bobbing along to Enrique Iglesias and his song which has played at outrageously loud volumes in my room.

She's also cleared my carpet and is spinning around on the ground and punching...something. Not only that, she's grabbing fistfuls of air and gesturing to what seems to be her...uterus? Omg and my crazy ass cousin who is crazy ass good at cheerleading is helping her.

Yeah, they asked me to join in too, for the fun. Oh well, I may as well humiliate myself in my own room.

Ok, first the superwoman pose. Right leg UP! Then, yawning in a big circle. Yeah, arms wide, work it!

Make an 'L' shape, then do a quick spin (it took me three times as long to spin), and then cross your arms, turn your head a bit, pull some air, pull some more air, crouch.

Then they did the quick fancy moves. Slap your knees, raise hands up to say hello, pull some air (I think no more air was left after that), cross arms like a mummy, point to uterus, slap knees, and SUPERWOMAN!

Note: I'm aware that actual cheerleading isn't like this. It just looks like that to me.

Meh, I'm going to leave organised dancing to the llamas. But if you need me to shake various parts of my body like an idiot at a party with loud music and sweaty sweaty people, I can SO do that.

That is what my 'dancing' is like, anyway. Byeeeeeeeee!

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