Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interesting Discussion. Please comment as much as you like!

So. I aim to be a person of science.

However I've noticed this lately, and if you've been randomly surfing the net, you may have seen it too.

It's called the Law of Attraction.

This law says that: If you think about a certain thing hard enough and long enough, you'll be able to attract it to you. eg. If I think about a sucky day and actually feel bad about the day, my day WILL be sucky.

However it also says that if we maintain a positive outlook on life and think of positive events, we will be able to experience these positive events in life.

And apparently it uses the concept of visualisation, that is, forming a picture of what you want in your mind, and also feeling satisfied, content and happy when you think of it. If you keep this up, what you want will be attracted to you.

I'm trying to practice this right now, but keeping up this positive outlook seems to be a bit...exhausting. Maybe its my fault for starving myself of sleep lately (I was playing games all night for a while) but this Law of Attraction thing certainly takes quite some practice.

And sometimes (annoyingly) my brain crushes the idea of getting what I want by giving pictures of what I don't want.

However there is one thing that all of us have to realise, I think:

We are able to and certainly CAN change our life the way to the way we want it to be. By thinking appropriately, remaining positive and putting in some effort, we CAN achieve the life we want.

I'm realising this, however like I said it takes some practice to get used to.

There are some critics who dismiss this Law of Attraction and call it crap. Not to mention they are really sarcastic and cynical too. Ugh. Downright bitter sort of people. I think this is a wrong sort of mindset to dismiss something that you may not fully understand.

I may not be totally convinced by the Law of Attraction, but I am most certainly going to keep an open mind and practice it.

What about you guys, readers? Post your comments on this entry please. I'd like to see many responses.


sparkle dust said...

youlinnnnnnnnnn.. yan lim watever lolx xp...
law of attraction definitely works!!!! i tell by experience.
and for encouragement, i would like to hare this quote by some random must-be genius.okies here it goes:
"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems but it will annoy enough ppl to make it worth the effort"
A living example of this is, (drum roll )......ME!!!( hey, some people DO get very annoyed seeing me so hyper all the tyme)
Be happy!! ( not like you have a choice anyway rite?)

Amanda Last Name Pending ;) said...

dear youlin
the law of attraction states tht you also cant think
cause u still will be. you cant say negative worrds like no not
it has to be
the object of ur desire is all the univers thinks of. not the prefixes. and shit.
i tried it man it worked!
guess what it did
it got shaun to hug me
it has to work if it can do tht

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