Thursday, May 28, 2009

what am i doing now? read on to find out. XD

O-levels are over, so I'm spending my mornings (and some part of my afternoons) wroking at my mum's office to replace her clerk who has gone on maternity leave. It's ok work , not hard, but goddamn boring. I swear I'd kill myself if this were my permanent job.

I'll be going to Japanese classes later on tonight, hopefully I'll be able to speak the language soon...instead of shouting out random phrases like "Kawaii!" "Sugoi!" and "Itada-kimas!"

Anyways, here's the grand finale of the PIRATE STORY:

Using his command, the Captain was released from the rat-ball. Even if the rest had weapons, the rats converged so tightly that they couldn’t’ move their hands. Somewhere in the midst of grey bodies, Iki heard one of the girls scream.

If only he could fight his way through...the ball had him squinting painfully out of one eye. Teeth dredged his clothes, and he could swear the rodents were laughing evilly in his ears. His body was his only weapon.

Armed with that revelation, Iki bit into one of the rats scurrying near his mouth. He nearly retched from the vile taste, but he set his teeth to work. Soon the rats had cleared around him, and he was able to use brute force to crush anything in his way. He yelled out, “Use your teeth! Bite and injure the rats!”

Miere and Arla couldn’t believe it...again, but they gritted their teeth and exercised their mouths. The rats tasted of sewer-mud and abandoned food, but it worked. It was all clear to them now: they would have to use their bodies and whatever they had on them to survive. So they severed rat necks with the sharp heels of their shoes, and squashed slimy bodies, propelled by the rage of repulsion. Tails were sliced off with a well-planted step. Brain matter of the rats spilled like last night’s jelly gone bad.

With the five of them exterminating, the danger was soon over. As Captain Seth watched his rodent empire crumble to bits, his lamp-eyes dimming, the girls exited the inn in elation, Iki, Mik and Darien sprinting in their wake.

The rats had left them looking like fresh corpses; their clothes nibbled full of holes, hair flying like broken open fans, and numerous mini dents on their limbs. Still they sprinted over battered wood, soft sand and azure waters, and finally reached the ship. Iki jerked the anchor up hurriedly, anxious to get away from the demented Captain.

Mire and Arla expressed their gratitude profusely. They scaled the prow of the shop and perched there, tasting some sweetness in the usually bland wind and riding over deep waters where their dreams and hopes lay reborn in chipped clam-shells.

They were going to open a restaurant. No—a chain, all over the world. They were going to leave their footprints wherever they stepped—no—stomped.


Captain Seth untied Henny, all the while noting the damage with a bloodshot roving eye. He felt nothing inside—his hear was still intact but someone had gutted him and burned him with his own gastric acid.

The inn was in shambles. The windowpanes had been broken, crying glass tears. The bomb-hole with planks splayed around it looked like a bad hernia. The ceiling was in danger of shattering altogether. The rat carcasses decorated the place like grotesque ornaments. The few that had lived had turned cannibalistic and were preying on their dead friends.

Henny’s voice broke the veil of destruction like a quick knife to the mind. “You really loved them, didn’t you? Like your own daughters?”

The Captain managed a crooked smile. “I didn’t want them in the kitchen. I knew they would try to get ideas and dash off somewhere to start a business,” he said.

“Whatever you resist persists.” It was true. He loved those girls to a fault. They provided him the chance to actually feel responsible for someone’s life. He didn’t want them to go. So he developed the random suspicious behaviour. This convinced them all the more that they had to go.

“I guess I lack that power—that power to keep someone close to me,” the Captain mused. Maybe he had lost it to that blood-smell, a long time ago, when he sold his soul to a dark sea with an expectant future.

“I’ve only got the inn and you, Henny.”

The sun spread like radiant egg yolk in the sky.

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Jinn said...

Oh my gosh. Beautiful.
Cap Seth is a disgustingly tender-hearted person after all.
I knew he was sort of nice, reading his conversations with the girls.

You should start a story based on Iki and the girls on their voyage. And how they manage their business.

Publish this sh*t, man. I'll be your manager and handle the money.