Tuesday, October 28, 2008

He died.

Dear readers,

Max, the family's 15-year-old Labrador Retriever, died this afternoon. The vet came this afternnon and gave him a shot of pink liquid. Within minutes his tongue lost all colour and his eyelids started descending. Then he drew two shaky breaths and was gone. Snap. Just like that. This is euthanasia. Mercy killing.

My mum sounded a bit choked up. Then I sounded a bit choked up. Then we all sounded a bit choked up. I mean, seconds ago he was there, and then he went. Oh well, we were offered two choices: either treat him or kill him. We decided there was no point in treating because the poor dog was too old and probably couldn't take the treatment. He was also suffering from arthritis and couldn't walk properly before. So we let him go.

Rest in peace, Max. You lovable fat dog.


GreenViolin (Youlin) said...

Yea it was really....really...really...sad...Max, we r really gonna miss ya lots!

BY da way,this is EE^^

Jinn said...

Aw... shame. I don't know what I'd do without my dog.
wait, how da heck does Ee get to log in to your blogger, you line.
Unless, it's you, ee who's reading this right now.

May Max rest in peace.

lost.and.running said...

OMG! noo!!!!!!!!!!! he cant die! well yah, when i think abt it, he CAN die... i mean, he didn t deserve to suffer anymore. he was a good dog.
Max, i hope you're in dog heaven and can walk without hurting. RIP.