Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Dear People Who Are Kind Enough to Read My Blog,

Hi. I'm having a nice time at home soaking up all the Grey's Anatomy's episodes. Damn. I cannot believe I watched 6 45-minute epidsodes in a whole afternoon. Meredith Grey reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. Dr. Derek McDreamy Shepard looks like Mr. Murali to me. Please don't ask me why, he just does. Personally I like Cristina cos she's got attitude. Sarcastic too...

Well, the point is I'm so addicted to it right now. Just dying to watch the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons... I mean, pregnant guy, bomb in patient's chest, fork in neck, brain do the producers of the show think of such things?

Besides that I'm going to vist my cousin in Australia tomorrow....can't wait, haven't seen them in a while. Well, quite a long while. If I can get any pics I'll put it up here.

Peace, people. Enjoy your holidays. =P

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