Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Should Have Been Born in the 16th Century

In between yearbook, practicing maths and burying my nose in the other subject books, I've been entertaining my newest unhealthy obsessions: Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Scarlett Johansson (Did I spell it right?)

The thing I like about Scarlett Johansson is her...eyebrows!

Seriously, I like them. They look really...scuplted! Plus I thought she was really hot as Mary Boleyn in "The Other Boleyn Girl" movie. And I just found out she has a twin brother. I'm quite outdated actually...

Plus I did watch "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", another movie of hers. It was...refreshing. Good movie.

Oh, oh, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers! I like his look; its really interesting. Just watched episode 1 of "The Tudors", the new series about King Henry the VIII and his six wives. Besides the six wives there were a lotta mistresses on the side as well. Jonathan Meyers was acting as King Henry, and I found it weird cos my impression of King Henry is this fat guy who shouts randomly. And Jonathan Meyers sure ain't fat.

And, six wives just isn't enough for one guy is it?

Oh well, I like sixteenth-century movies...wouldn't be surprised if I was some English person in the 16th century in my past life.

PS: I just discovered this movie, "Match Point" starring both Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Scarlett Johannson. It's a bit old (released in 2005), but given my new unhealthy obsessions, I have to watch it now.

Now that I've taken up some cyberspace ranting about this, I can go back to yearbook, practicing maths and burying my nose in the other subject books.

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Jinn said...

Scarlett Jo is sexy stuff tho. Good actress, too.
As much as i try to stick my nose into books, i never get anywhere. and you might not believe me, but i actually grunt in pain when i study... coz it's THAT hard to study!