Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mah Pirate Storrraaaaayyy!

First of all let me say this: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is like the male version of Angelina Jolie.

Reason being: The lips, people, the really pouty lips!

And also: I saw this pic of Mr. Meyers in one of his earlier movies, donno what movie it was, but he was so pale and feminine, and I swear it looked like he had lipstick on. Like a vampire. Yeah, a better vampire than Mr.Robert Pattinson from the Twilight movie!

Take that, you Twilight fans! (Sorry sorry, don't start hitting me.)

I've got the next part of the PIRATE STORY up:

Suddenly she heard Arla’s cries of protest. Captain Seth had already tied her hands so hard with the rope that it had chafed them. She swung around and released the stone right into his eye. He howled in pain, hopping around agitatedly. Arla cut her rope bonds, but the Captain’s wild flailing with his dagger in hand had resulted in a number of gashes on her legs.

Suddenly a loud explosion resounded as a section of the wall blew apart, leaving a good-sized hole as an escape. Miere could detect Iki’s look of disbelief mixed with personal triumph. More importantly, she noticed the compact grenade bomb he had hurled at the wall. She breathed a silent prayer of thanks.

Captain Seth was alerted. He scrambled over to the broken wall and pulled open a trap door in the floor.

A colony of rats skittered out.

Arla’s mouth fell open in surprise. This escape was being delayed by the most uncanny of forces.

The rats started piling up near the hole, all struggling to rush out. Due to their large numbers, they soon stopper-ed the hole. Only Iki managed to squirm through. Mik and Darien were left standing outside, trying to figure out an effective way to get rid of the rats. They had already used up their one and only grenade.

Having come from a rather pampering family, the girls felt squeamish at the sight of the swarming furry bodies growing rapidly like a proliferating fungus. Nevertheless they decided to try plunging through. It was easier than trying to knock out a 90-kilo sack of fat.

However that was not easy. The rats stank of dank cellars, waste and rust. Not only that, they were positively giant, with pointed teeth that bit the girls’ shoulders and searched for every trace of flesh to sink into. No matter how hard they struggled, the sea of rats was dense, and seemed endless and impenetrable.

With some difficulty they extricated themselves, only to find Iki duelling with the Captain using a broomstick handle. His skills were quite good, and he was able to ward off most of the attacks.

Seeing the ringleader in trouble, the grunts thundered over and formed a tight circle around the girls unawares. Using brute force, they disarmed them. Miere and Arla were thus caught in a trap of sweaty, pulsating pink flesh.

“Not so fast, eh!” one of them said, and snickered.

Miere and Arla were defenceless, armed with only their wits. Panic started to erode their senses. How were they supposed to escape? Distantly, they could hear Iki’s spirited fronts as he pitted himself against Captain Seth.

The grunts closed in, attempting to constrict the girls with their bodies. The sweaty stench was suffocating. The girls’ only resources were their bodies, which were no match for the grunts’.

Wait! Suddenly Miere realised that she would have to use the strongest and sharpest part of her body. She swung her elbows backward with force, managing to partially knock the wind out of one of her captors.

Arla caught on quickly, and using her knees, struck at angles into the grunt’s hip repeatedly. He keeled over from the surprise and sudden pain. They kicked the third one up his legs. Instant shock.

While the girls carried on the fight inside, Darien and Mik noticed that the guard had left their post and burst in through the door. Mik instantly ran to make sure that the horizontally expanded ones were properly down. He aimed a few kicks and punches as a test. Darien, swift and silent, attempted to restrain the Captain.

All this extra pressure had Captain Seth going berserk. He yelled, no; tittered, letting out a strange series of squeaks that were unnaturally high for his voice. The rats’ ears started to perk up.

Then they ran across the floor and engulfed everyone. Even the out-of-action grunts. They were all trapped in the hot sticky fur, barely able to move. This did not improve Captain Seth’s image. He had gone from psycho to psycho rat-master. Nevertheless it worked. He had captured Miere and Arla at last.


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