Saturday, August 8, 2009


I got a new printer! It big and shiny and prints colour too! Not only that the photocopying in colour is kickass! And I can scan my pics into it too.

I'm so happy.

But to set it up took quite a while...mainly cos i had to organise my room and move things around so the printer could actually fit onto my table -_-

I ended up throwing away a ton of stuff and recycling 500g of paper...

And I still have to do critical thinking skills homework...argumentative essay...urk. But it's ok, cos trying to agrue intelligently is cool. ^_^

And the teachers are having some bio and chem tests next week.

And...haih...I have to plow through this stuff.

On a side note, I watched about 20 mins of the very first episode of the Star Trek original series, out of pure curiousity. Of course, being born into this high-tech area meant that the old episodes looked kinda ah piang, but the series has a certain charm that the movie doens't.

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