Friday, October 2, 2009

Living Life Logically

First off: I'm setting a new challenge and goal for myself. I'm going to live logically for 30 days. And I will blog about it everyday, so you guys can see what I'm up to. =)

Now, by logically, I mean rationally, without emotions getting too much in the way. I'm not going to be so logical that I kill all my emotions; rather I do not want emotions to affect me very strongly anymore. Because I'm prone to getting annoyed, disgusted and frustrated at small things. And I want to change that.

A certain guy called Steve Pavlina once wrote, "Observe the emotion, feel the emotion, but don't be the emotion." Or at least that's how I interpret the message. I think what he means is don't get too deeply involved in your emotions.

By being logical I hope to erase most of my irrational fears. For example, the phone started ringing at 5 am in the morning on Tuesday. No one was on the other end. I freaked out, but logically, the phone itself might have a glitch. Logic is a good way to calm things down a bit.

And I'll be logical in dealing with other people too, so I will watch what I say and do. I mean, it wouldn't be logical to piss my mum off after a lecture because I'll say something stupid. I'll try to think it over instead, maybe I did do something incredibly dumb. And if my mum was wrong in judging me, then I could talk to her nicely about it instead of blowing my top.

Well, tomorrow will be Day 1, I'll blog about it.

And no, I'm not doing this because I'm a die-hard Spock fan. Ok, maybe I am. But to tell the truth, I'm doing this because it will be fun to try a new perspective. ^_^

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