Saturday, October 10, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 9

Today, logic was put to the test. A nice, big test.

I find it really funny that when I tried to live logically, somehow my sentences got "cut"--I spoke only the basics of the sentence, and sounded quite emotionless. Instead of "Oh My God that movie was like, the greatest thing since sliced bread!" I said ,"Fascinating movie. Food for thought."

I started laughing when my sisters told me to cut it out, talking that way. I just have to THINK that way, I guess.

Anyway, my parents gave a me the "you are growing up so you'd better be more responsible" talk. Apparently I don't help out enough, I don't keep track of my money properly, and I don't consider timing and circumstances when I ask for favours from them.

To consider it logically, this means I'm going to have to start being more helpful around the house if I want to make a nice, good impact on them. Oh well, another challenge to overcome. =)

Well, today my father got really angry due to various reasons, among which involved him fetching me to the other side of town last night at 8.00pm (so he couldn't rest) and also him fetching me to Japanese class today (so he had to put up with lunchtime jams).

I think the poor guy is stressed, from work and all. No, I do not intend to sound patronising, but I really think that is the reason. He worries too much. About what? I think, practically everything, about the house, about me, about my sister, about his job, well, even about himself.

I'm aware that this is rather personal, so I don't know why I'm typing it here. But perhaps it does help me to think about it in a clearer way. Why do most adults I know look stressed? Or maybe it just happens to be in my family's genes. =P

I haven't found a logical answer to why adults around me look stressed, but I think I've figured out how to minimise their stress. I guess, I just have to lay low, and avoid saying anything incendiary. And also at the same time, just keep a positive mindset, and just concentrate on doing what I'm supposed to do (studently stuff, house help, etc...)

I figure that if adults don't have to worry about me, they'll have less on their plates, at the least.

But this much I know: I definitely don't want to look and be so worried by the time I reach adult-money-making-hood. I just don't think it's logical to be so worried.

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