Monday, October 12, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 11

Today's post will be on logic and the supernatural.

My friend Lina says that all her logical friends seem to see things in black and white. They don't allow for exceptions or flexibility. Now, to me, doing that seems illogical. I admit that logic isn't always infallible; being too logical restricts your opinions and options.

Last night, I had a little discussion with my cousin Ee about the supernatural. Our other cousin, J, used to work at a TV production company. They sent her out on weird assignments like filming ghosts and other ethereal things.

So J said that she has actually seen some of these supernatural beings. They usually reside in 'kampung' or rural areas. J was a camerawoman, and was filming a group of people when one of them had his eyes turn red and he went crazy, just chasing people around. And she caught it all on camera.

When a close relative of yours tells you this sort of thing, there really is no reason for them to lie. So, I quite believe J. Even my mother has told me that she has seen my deceased grandmother's spirit. So, I don't think it is logical to totally disapprove of ghosts and things.

J stayed at a nice 5-star hotel during an assignment once. Suddenly, at 12 am, the TV which she'd left on kept going on and off. She had two phones and they kept flicking on and off simultaneously. Logically, she would have run out of the door, right? But she was so freaked out she couldn't move. Would be the same for me too if I were the one.

So she did the next best logical thing--contact Ee's mum by phone, even though it kept going on and off. Eventually she reached Ee's mum, who told her to repeat a Buddhist chant to herself. Religion, as she sees it, is just to give you strength when you need it, no need to be too fanatical about it.

So J repeated it over and over, and it made her clamer. eventually she gained courage and rushed out of the door to the receptionist. She learnt that they had got her room number wrong, but the records were lost and they didn't know who gave her the wrong key. "No-one's supposed to get your room," they said.

As I see it, all this sort of spirits and stuff are like pools of energy. According to what I hear from my family, they attack you when you are in low spirits, or in general negative and gloomy. My belief is that when you are in that sort of state of despair, your energy seems to match theirs, so they affect you more. When you are positive, you are on a different energy level, so they don't affect you at all.

I did blog about consciousness once (see Living Life Logically Day 4). It wouldn't be too far to say that spirits and all may just be yet another different representation of consciousness. It just seems logical to think about them this way. What about you?

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