Thursday, October 22, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 21

Haven't blogged for two days...

Anyways, I've just finished reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Good book. Good twists. But I think it wasn't much of a thriller, rather it was more like a way to spread a message to the public.

What message was it huh?

Basically he's trying to say: God lies within the human him/herself. We all have untapped potential just waiting to be used in the right way.

Some evidence offered by the book includes the scientist Katherine Solomon talking about the brain scans of meditating yogis, which show that the brain's pineal gland produces a wax-like secretion which actually repairs and heals cells. I'm not too sure about this, gotta do some reading on it. The book thinks that this may be why yogis can live so long.

I've also heard about gamma-waves emitted by the brain in a highly meditative state.

But I fully support the idea of there being unlimited potential in the human mind, and that our thoughts can affect things. Supposedly, the book says our thoughts have mass. And like anything that has mass, it exerts a certain gravity. So if many people share the same thoughts, i.e. mass worship, mass prayer, or even just thinking happy thoughts, it could actually change an aspect of our physical reality.

I've had some success with my own thoughts and intentions too.

I've had pretty positive expereinces with Twitter. I joined initially to stalk famous people, but at the same time, I wanted to find positive people, ones who actually cared about changing reality.

I didn't know who these people would be, but after a few tweets, some random positive people actually started following me. And more and more came. More positive people are adding me to their list. And all I had to do was to be confident and think positively that I would achieve my goal.

I even thought more about reading the news and knowing what's going on in the world. And an account which provides regular news updates started following me too.

So keep an open mind...and try out the power of intention.

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