Monday, October 5, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 3

So this is what Shaun said about actor/actress obsession:

"I think that it's alright to be interested in their movies, but I wouldn't go as far as to dig up gossip or bother with their lives or anything. That's not nice, and it's too obssessed."

To which Jinn pointed out my obsession with Zachary Quinto, as of late. (It used to be Jonathan Rhys Myers)

Yups, this is Zachary Quinto.

And Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
So I got to thinking: why the hell am I obsessed with these people? Why specifically them? And doesn't this also happen in real life? Some people just strike you as more interesting than others. Some you feel an immediate attraction to. Some you don't.
I've found an answer that makes sense to me. It's written by Joe Goldfarb, check out his entry here:
Basically, it goes back to the fact that we are all connected. Sound New-agey and confusing? Ok. Let's put it in a logical, physics-like method.
The Universe started from the Big Bang. Everything in the universe started from the Big Bang, a single point, infinitely dense, infinitely hot. All of us are part of that Big Bang.
So it's quite logical to say, we're all part of the same whole. We're the same, no matter how different our personalities are. It seems that different personalities are different sides of the same underlying connection.
The article states that as we are all connected, we see ourselves in other people. We see our personalities in them, and we like those points. So we develop, effectively, a crush, an obssession, an admiration.

So I bet you are wondering: What part of myself do I see in Zachary Quinto, huh? And Mr. Meyers, if we're all connected and all that?

My answer is: Well, they are both talented people. They can act. They are versatile. They play different roles. I mean,

I adored Zachary Quinto as Spock from Star Trek. (This is what began the obsession in the first place.)

And he plays Sylar in Heroes. (Never watched the series by the way.)
And now I find he does comedy too:
Anyways, I won't spam anymore. The point is, I may not have acting skills, but I am envious of talent. I'm sure all of us would want to develop our talent, whatever that may be. Maybe these people are just like an example of how successful and famous we want to become.
Ok, so what other parts of myself do I see?
To be honest, mainly, it's the success. The skill. I would very much like to achieve that--success and skill.
We all tend to lose ourselves in the characters that actors play, because sometimes they do it so well we cannot distinguish between the personality of the character and the person. Quinto's Spock is a pretty good example.
But hey, I saw logic in Spock. I liked that very much--I liked the fact that you don't have to let your emotions take over, and that logic is useful. And in that, I saw a part of myself I wanted to improve--the logical side, the analytical side.
Good night. =)

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