Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 18

I'm sorry to all readers who have been following my posts so far, lately it's all about me rambling on and on about choosing medicine or astrophysics as a career...

Anyways, attended a Michigan State University talk today; found out more info about the U.S. university system; I quite like the fact that everyone needs to learn a bit of science and arts in the first two years of undergraduate study.

Today, we had our bio presentations on infectious diseases. My group did AIDS, and even though we were a bit fast, I thought we were ok. Not too bad. I sat in with Lina and Josephine on BS6's presentations as well, the other class was good. We only managed to watch until Izzie and gang's presentation, but still, fascinating.

When I watched all those presentations, I felt a twinge of sadness when I saw the videos of all the victims of diseases, especially those who cannot be cured even though the disease is treatable, as they live in poverty.

I guess, medicine offers something up-close and personal, as I would interact with many many human beings, as opposed to astrophysics. To me, somehow, interacting with many people seems part of any job I would like to have.

I find people interesting. I find their views interesting, even those who believe in things I wouldn't. Yes, even sick people are interesting.

I think I am an optimist; besides all the sick twisted criminals and crazy people in the world, I feel that we can advance, and we can indeed put aside our differences and world towards that advancement.

In fact, I believe that once we learn to unify ourselves properly as a race and civilisation, then only can we proceed to the very big stuff like space travel and intergalactic visits at speeds previously unimaginable. Who knows, we may actually find life and civilisation beyond Earth.

This sounds a lot like Star Trek, huh? But think about it: if we unify ourselves, we are a force of 6 billion with many different talents, and all of that can be extracted for use. And if we use our technology and konowledge properly, then we can certainly tackle bigger things like venturing out into space, and understanding more about the nature of this bizarre but wonderful Universe we happen to find ourselves in.

As a human race, we aren't very advanced as a whole yet. If we were, there would be no separation of less and more economically developed countries, and no cases where people who are too poor to afford treatment...I've also read a bit about the U.S.A's healthcare reform, and it just seems so tangled at the moment.

Well, I just got to thinking, I'd get to make a more direct contribution to the human race in the field of medicine. My dad gave me some inspiration too; he said, "It will be a wonderful time when technology has eliminated the need for surgery. And it will be even better if a surgeon pioneers the surgery-less technique."

I haven't made a fixed decision yet, but I figure I could always study medicine and then study the physics on the side. This option seems to work best with me, and it feels the best to me; well, it wasn't made on a logical basis, but more of an intuitive basis. But logically, I get the best of both worlds this way. =D

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