Sunday, October 4, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 2

Quickie blog, before I go to bed.

Today was fairly logical. Had violin class, and I just found out that my crappy bow holding was due to my fingers not properly attached to the bow.

Actually my teacher did point it out to me earlier, I was just too spazzed to notice it. Until now.

Had a good conversation with Julia today on MSN...introduced her to the idea of 10 dimensions and parallel universes...check it out for yourselves, it's pretty awesome stuff! Link:

I suggest you watch it a few times--it is quite confusing. But cool. It will change the way you look at reality.

Well, and I did watch Season 2 Episode 4 of Star Trek the Original Series today. The very first one, way back in the 1960s. Think I'm a legal Trekkie now...

Basically Kirk, Uhura, Bones and Scotty got transported into an alternate universe where people were evil and killed each other. The alternate Spock had a beard and I laughed so badly just seeing that. He still managed to be logical, though. (And less evil than everyone else.) Alternate Sulu was just...creepy.

Anyways I think that pretty much ties up with the idea of parallel universes in the Youtube video. Go watch Youtube.

Hoping that logic serves me well, and goodnight to all. =)

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