Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 4

Today, we dissected a heart in Bio class. It was...fascinating, though the scalpel was so blunt I was surprised it could cut through anything at all.

Anyway, I thought I'd clear up some confusion about yesterday's blog, because here I received some comments:

Sugeeta: "You mean you see people as male versions of yourself? Woah...And what if you happen to like people with crappy personalities?"

Lina: "So in your blog you said you'd like to marry someone who is exactly like you..."

Kay, I'll try to dissect this logically.

First off, when I mentioned that we can see ourselves in others, it's not like a male version of yourself. Or a female one. The fact is, we usually see others as separate from us. And it tends to make us feel scared or apprehensive of others.

Well, what if we didn't see others as separate? What if we realised that despite the fact that everyone is different and unique from each other, we have that underlying connection that links us?

Now, what is this "underlying connection"?

I was asked today, "Is a heart 'alive' if you take it out and put it in warm salt solution? It still beats; still contracts; is it alive? We humans are considered 'alive', but is the heart 'alive' in the same way we are?"

Logically, I don't think so. A heart is mechanical, while humans like us have emotions, thoughts, and feelings. And maybe someone would say, those thoughts and feelings comes from chemicals in the brain. But if I built a brain and filled it with chemicals, would it be 'alive' like a human?

That is why I think at the base of it all, the 'underlying connection', is consciousness. We are conscious of our existence, and hence we have thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I do think that our organs, and bodies, and such are something like physical containers for the consciousness to express itself.

Hence it would be logical to say that we are all connected by this consciousness.

I wouldn't care if you disagreed with me. I just happen to think that this way of looking at and thinking of people and human relationships seems the most logical to me. I don't get annoyed as often anymore; not even when someone speaks harshly to me, or even disagree with me.

That's because I think the fact that everyone is different contributes to the complexity of this consciousness. If each human being were a container for consciousness to express itself, wouldn't it be more exciting to explore different representations of consciousness? Then humans interacting with other humans would be like consciousness interacting with different parts of itself.

Yes; even crappy parts, even nasty, disgusting, people. I kind of like to think that each purposely difficult or nasty person is either an example of the wrong way to go about life, or an example from which to learn a lesson. Maybe that's why we say 'learn from others' mistakes'. So if you happen to be intrigued by a nasty person, find out why. When a difficult person is interesting to me, logically, I ask myself what I'm trying to get out from this.

Even when they're not interesting, I try to observe them and wonder what makes them behave that way. But I guess the most important thing I've learnt is not to change people, but rather if you change your point of view, they kind of change to fit YOUR view.

Thought of today's blog: Ask yourself what it would be like if you felt linked to everyone. Yes, even those famous people you see in the movies. Relatives you don't like. Your friends, old and new. What will you actually feel? What can you actually learn?

And as logically as possible, I'm still finding out those answers for myself.

And no, Lina, I don't think I'd marry someone exactly like me. ;D

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