Saturday, October 24, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 22

I have nothing much to blog about today, except that Joo Yun came over and we studied together because there's a lotta darn things to study. I think it was a good idea because we actually managed to concentrate on our work...if I were studying alone today I probably would've ended up watching some random series or movie on the computer instead.

So now, I can waste my time without worrying too much about it. =)

I think A-levels can turn you into a homebody. But I don't really mind. My hobbies are pretty much one-person affairs such as reading, blogging, drawing and playing music.

But I'm sure you don't want to just read about my day. So today I'll just blog about people's hobbies and interests, including my own.

As you probably already know, I enjoy watching Sci-Fi, (Spock! Star Trek! Big Bang Theory! The Fifth Element!) and also reading sci-fi novels. (Dune, Zima Blue, Artemis Fowl is to some extent quite sci-fi-ish).

And you may wonder how I can like sci-fi, especially if you don't like it, or if you don't understand it. Well, I sometimes also wonder how some people can like shopping and totally commit themselves to it, following all the trends and such.

To put it basically, sci-fi is some sort of escapism for me; the shows I watch and the books I read are like places where I let my imagination run along with the story, and forget about the outside world for a while.

I also like the hope that sci-fi offers: a glimpse at how our human race may advance, or triumph, and cross new boundaries, and also at the same time, understand ourselves better. I actually enjoy reading books on modern physics because it's so weird and so arcane, yet, it seems, we might actually be on the way to understanding the very nature of the Universe and reality itself.

It might seem like a very big hope to you, but it's certainly a hope that I enjoy indulging in.

Another thing is, what do you enjoy? What hobbies do you fill up your spare time with? I guess it's unrealistic to expect everyone to share the same hobbies and tastes because the world is a great big spinning blob of rock and metal, and there are so many different things you can take an interest in.

Hobbies are great things because they are like creative outlets for people to express themselves, whether it's by playing piano or critically reviewing a book or playing sports or having a Grey's Anatomy marathon. It's so great to actually say, "I made that." or "I think that this is..." because your hobbies and interests feel natural to you.

My hobbies and interests somehow make me feel...connected, not just to people who share my interests, but to the things I'm interested in as well, along with everything else. And I feel just so very happy when I think about that.

It all started with a Big Bang, and everything we like and everything we are came from that. It just makes me feel so...peaceful, and now getting to know different people seems more like getting to a different part of the big picture, a different piece of the puzzle, even if the different pieces aren't the same as you, or even if they don't think and act like you. Yeah, even if they downright clash with you.

I'm feeling quite postitive as I wrap up this post. And that is good.

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