Thursday, October 15, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 13

Today's my birthday. Hit the sweet 16 mark. Got some very thoughtful gifts today (thanks guys for the delicious fruit cake, and the poster of Zachary Quinto, Eric Dane and Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the spongy gooey choc cake from my family, and the cutest cow plushie on Earth from my cousin.

Thank you friends and family--you guys are so meaningful.

Since I haven't blogged yesterday, I will blog today. Today's post is about logic and fame.

So I have done some logical dissection thing on our celebrity crushes. (Living Life Logically day 3) Wouldn't it be great to meet someone you really respect and admire? And not only just in a (oh my god he's like so hot) kind of way. It goes for liking what they're good at, and their skills.

Well, I want to meet the 3 guys mentioned above in the 1st para. But I wouldn't just spaz and be hyper if I do (at least I hope not!) I don't know, guess I'd just like to have a good conversation instead of random hyperness eh. Y'know, tell them how much of a positive impact they've had on my life and all that (I get happy just watching TV shows and movies) and I'm a fan of your work and how can you act in so many different roles and blah.

Hey, I'd even like to meet Einstein (if he were still around) and Stephen Hawking and famous people in the sciences. (I get happy just reading about science too). Listen to them talk about non-locality and spacetime and black holes and wormholes and stuff like that.

I've actually even thought of becoming famous, just to see what it's like to have hordes of fans expressing their adulation.

Hey, but fame does come at a price. I mean, just look at them tabloid magazines. There's just no preserving your privacy sometimes. I wonder how celebrities and what not feel about it.

So if I do become famous, I don't want to be very famous and stuff; it'll be the end of any private life, I think. Hmm. I think, for the record, I want to be famous for some contribution to science. Yeap, I think being famous for the performing arts has pretty much beeen covered already. ;D Maybe I'll be semi-famous. Famous within my community or area which I live in, I think. Yeah. That seems better.

I want to talk a bit about the Law of Attraction. My friend Esther is a big believer of it. If you hold a thought long enough in your head, it will manifest. I believe in it too, because it has worked for me.

So Esther asked me: "Why don't you just manifest meeting all these people that you want to meet?"

Good question. However, sometimes I always think that famous people are too far away from me. Well, I guess it's time to change all of that. Article about Anton Zeilinger and quantum physics in SEED magazine: aims to prove that we do indeed create the world we live in, just by thinking it.

Of course, it would be quite far-fetched to say that if we don't think about the Moon, it doesn't exist. might be proven one day. ;D

But on a small microscopic scale, Mr. Zeilinger and team have tried to measure the polarisation of light particles (photons). Now I don't exactly know what that is, but the point is that they were trying to measure something which defined a photon.

So people generally think that the polarisation exists before we take something to measure it, so it is already there. It's just like how we think our world already exists without us thinking about it.

But the experiment showed that the polarisations truly didn't exist before being measured. In other words, the polarisations only exist because we tried to measure them. if we didn't try to measure them, we wouldn't have polarisations to measure. I guess you could say our thoughts of measuring them create the polarisations.

So now he is trying to prove the same result with larger objects such as mirrors. I'm not exactly sure what he plans to do, but it's the start of a new way of looking at things for me.

So can I really use the Law of Attraction to manifest meeting famous people? Well, Mr. Zeilinger's experiment has given me hope. To put it logically, if the mind really affects our world, then by thinking negatively I would only send out negative results. Hence, a positive mind would send out positive results. So, wouldn't it be better for me to send out positive thoughts?

Well, sorry for the long post. Had a lot to talk about. I'll post more on the Law of Attraction (LoA) tomorrow, and other things.

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