Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Living Life Logically--Day 5

Blogging now, because tonight there's an online class hosted by Miss Nor. Chemistry. =)

Well, I had the first great illogical moment in 5 days. Not too bad, holding on for 5 days so far.

It was something like this:

During lunch, my mother rang me and said that she was in the college as she happened to be around the area. And that she'd like to join me for lunch before taking me home.

Now normally I wouldn't have minded, but just so happens that I had to preempt things. The reason being, I was at lunch with friends, and I just felt weird if my mother suddenly happened to step in and join.

I mean, I wouldn't know how to act, or what to say. I felt really awkward. So I told her, and naturally, not-good things happened.

She went all huffy and stuff and sounded really dejected and things like that. It's quite annoying, really, because it made me feel lousy inside. Like I just completed a massacre or something.

Then she said, "YOU created this situation, by saying all that."

And then I was left wondering what was the logic in her sentence. I'm pretty sure most of you wouldn't want your mothers sitting at the same table with you and your friends.

But what if I'd agreed, and not protested? Logically, would anything really devastating befall me? Maybe the worst would be if I'd suffered some embarrassment, but I think by embarrassment standards my mum is not too bad.

The whole point of this logical lifestyle for 30 days was to get over irrational fear. I suppose that includes fear of embarrassment. Heck, if I were seriously logical I would know exactly what to say and act in any situation. I shouldn't have felt weird.

It turned out for the better, though, because the food took ages to arrive so I'd have left anyway by the time my mother came. She's also not familiar with the place so the restaurant directions were confusing to her.

Well, I suppose I made it up to her though, because I ended up submitting some business cases for her anyway when I came home.

Looks like I have to sharpen my logic a bit more.

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