Thursday, December 17, 2009

Of Blue-Skinned People and Some Results

Today the college mailed back my results for the first semester exam. Meaning that my parents got to it before I did. Not to brag, but I did good. =) I'm happy I got a good result in Physics, especially since I've developed a newfound interest in it recently.

Today I went to watch Avatar with Lina, Josephine, Imran and Ji Su. Good movie. I loved the graphics and James Cameron's imagination. It's so vivid, and you can really see that he played out his creation with the improved CGI of today.

Synopsis: Jake Sully, a retired US Marine, is sent to a moon called Pandora for a mission where his consciousness is transferred to a blue-skinned body--his avatar. His mission is to collect info in the Na'vi people who live there so that huamns can destroy the forest area and mine the rare mineral needed to solve Earth's Energy crisis.

The Pandora Cameron has created is a forest area, with huge trees for villages that spiral upwards. Large pterodactyl-like creatures serve as living aircraft and mountains float in air, suspended and free from gravity.
The natives are very in tune with nature. Neytiri, one of the main characters, talks about this 'web of energy' that all living creatures have. They only 'borrow' energy as long as they are alive. When you die, you give that energy back.
I couldn't help but think that this is a pretty useful interpretation of death. It certainly made me feel better about it. You are just kind of recycled energy anyway.
The natives also link with their horses and flying dinosaurs by means of connecting their hair to the tiny hairs on the animals. There is this 'bond' between them.
Oh and the interesting part was that their trees have many many things like connected neurons between them. These are like the neurone cells we find in our brains. Only that the tree has like much more, so it serves as a living database. Memories or 'consciousness' of dead people are stored in electrochemical form in the tree.
So you aren't really dead if this is true. There is a sort of afterlife, where people exist in a non-physical form.
So when the natives link with the tree, they can access all memory banks. Very cool. And it just might be possible, maybe in another time, or maybe this needs another planet for life to evolve like this.
I think overall the director was alsotrying to spread a "keep the Earth green" message, because we only really have one to live on for now. I agree.
Starting today, I'll take a moment to feel grateful whenever I blog. Today, I will say thank you to James Cameron for making an insightful and entertaining movie.