Monday, January 11, 2010


I realise that we worry a lot. I realise I worry a lot too. If you've read my last entry, you'd realise my "worrying" includes a lot of writing things out.

Now that I'm in a more stable frame of mind, I'd like to just write out what I've learnt during the past few days.

1) The world doesn't just revolve around me

I think I've made this mistake before. I'm quite sure most of us do. When we encounter some problems it becomes our world. We spend our days thinking about those problems, and it just consumes us. It takes a while to step back and look at it objectively (being 'logical' as I call it).

If you think about the fact that our own universe could one day contract, or go on expanding until everything in it is torn apart, your own issues start to look really small.

2) Don't overthink.

Guilty as charged. I think a lot. About death, about life, about what I'm going to do next, about why I'm thinking, about global warming, about aliens, about people on the Earth.

I read somewhere that the only thing you ever have is right now, or the present. If you concentrate on the present, you have no need to worry about the past (it's all just in your memories now) or the future (why worry about something you don't know for sure anyway?)

Anyways, I tried it. I lived my days one hour at a time. I pushed myself into whatever things I was doing. I actually concentrated on the moment I did mundane things like shower and eat. When I showered, I concentrated on showering only.

It's actually quite a pleasurable way to live. Most of my unnecessary thoughts were eliminated when I just focused on whatever I was doing. And in a way, I did feel a little more content, a little more satisfied, and a little less worried.

I hope that whatever what I have just said can help you too, in any way imaginable.

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