Thursday, April 22, 2010

OMG am I Serious?

My giant bum of a younger sister gave me a big ass lecture last night. To sum it up in a few points:

1) 'Youlin, you're a NERRRRDDD!'

2) 'Youlin, I cannot imagine you making out. Therefore, if I can't, you must be a lesbian!'

(No offense to any lesbians. My sister just likes lying and using false reasons to support stupid conclusions.)

3) 'Youlin, you rationalise too much. You're a NEEEEEERRRRRRRDDDD!'

I thought I'd write it out for entertainment purposes.

Well, on to the subject. So maybe I'm a nerd. I have 'nerd' hobbies: practicing violin, drawing, reading about physics, and very indoor stuff.

According to my sister, if I had more 'outdoor' hobbies, I would be less 'nerdy'. Well, it's true that exercise is good, but that's not one of the criteria for not being a 'nerd' isn't it?

Anyways, what's so bad/good about being a nerd? I suppose it's fun to be a little nerdy, because you know stuff people usually don't. But then who could you talk to it about? That's where other 'nerds' come in, eh.

And just because you can't imagine me making out with some dude, doesn't make me lesbian. It means that your brain cells aren't firing properly and that you lack imagination. ;)

Are you reading this, sister of mine?

And for the other readers out there, check this out for fun: an article teaching you the difference between geeks and nerds. Whee!

Oh, and I found this test online: Are you a nerd, geek or dork?
If you cannot differentiate the three, just go and take the test--it will explain what they all are.

By the way, I got the result of 'pure nerd'. LMAO! Still, the test guarantees I'll be successful later in my life. Mmhmm, hopefully both financially and status-wise.

Beat that, suckers! =)

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